Winter sunrises in Perth can be spectacular – this particular morning there was too much cloud and the colour couldn’t get through. Cottesloe was wet, wild and ridiculously windy. Didn’t take a lot to slow the shutter down to get some water movement due to things moving around so quickly.


That Boatshed

Yeah, again… it’s that boatshed. You know, the one in Crawley… if you haven’t seen pictures of it you’re obviously not from Perth, Western Australia. Because it’s possibly the most photographed icon in our city.

The great thing about this spot is it faces South and therefore can show colour from sunrise and/or sunset should there be sufficient cloud/glow factor.

These pictures were taken at sunset.

PS. I find the angles where only one window shows water and the other is dark a bit creepy. Anyone else..?



Trigg Beach

Another stop past Trigg Beach on saturday night (8th March). Arrived just on sunset and was flustered due to the sheer amount of other photographers there! It was one of those rushed evenings where you just have to pick a spot and hunker down rather than having the freedom to change your position and point of view. I was a bit sneaky and got in right behind someone to take a few quick ones, but I gave up and decided to shoot abstract instead. This is my second time shooting with the Lee Big Stopper 10-stop filter and I love,love, loooooooooove it! Also didn’t have time to calculate my exposure so did it in my head and hoped for the best- came out a little underexposed and needing fixing in photoshop.

I love this place!




Busselton Jetty..second in the series

This is another picture from the dawn/sunrise captured at Busselton Jetty on Friday 15th September, on a roadtrip down to Margaret River in Perth. I prefer this one to the other, just because I love the green that came out in the water. It’s a really beautiful place. To see the earlier image of the jetty’s sunrise, click here. Oh, and a big big happy birthday to my big bro!!! xxxx

Busselton Jetty

I once saw a truly beautiful sunrise here, and at the time I did have my DSLR but I was new to the hobby and would have done things much differently given another go. Ever since then, I have dreamed of capturing a shot of this jetty, which is famously the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere.

We left Perth at 3.15am to make it to the jetty before sunrise and arrived at around 5.40am – the sun due to rise at 6.20am. the light was beautiful; only required the shutter open for 45 seconds to get this photo. The colours weren’t amazing, but I really like how clean this image is (and I like the moon too!)

The wonders of Araluen

Araluen is a Botanical park that is nestled in the depths of Roleystone. An amazing place that is definitely worth a visit at any time of year. But it is DEFINITELY a must during tulip season.

Tulips are my favourite flower and they never cease to amaze me. The different shapes and colours and the sheer vibrance of them is just astounding.

I forced myself to use all my lenses yesterday and flicked between the 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 100mm 2.8 macro and the 10-22mm wide-angle. I have to say that the 85mm was probably the most useless of the day and amazingly I used the macro the most often. The 50mm always impresses me but sometimes the focal length can be limiting.

Here are some of my favourites:


Lion’s Lookout


Amazingly, winter is a time of year when the sun decides to throw out the best colours. It’s just so hit and miss. You look outside and you study the horizon and you wonder- “Too much cloud?….Or is it just right?” …And if you’re viewing my post from somewhere other than Australia, you might not know what I mean. But guys… get on a plane and visit Australia. Better yet, come to Perth in Western Australia (although the most amazing sunset I ever saw was in Cooktown, QLD), and I swear you won’t be disappointed. Australia turns out some amazing landscapes that you just can’t miss.


Another HDR image (and my favourite) from Lion’s Lookout.


After the sun sets is sometimes when you see the best colours. That was certainly true of this evening- the light that you can see is actually a floodlight from the football field that was behind these trees.

This is at the equestrian centre near my house in Huntingdale.

Sunrise at Matilda Bay

Braved the cold Saturday morning and headed over to Matilda Bay (after a quick look at the city’s view at Kings Park we changed our minds and went for a river spot instead). We made it with a good 5-10 minutes to spare before the sun came up. This was really the only photo that was good from the river location:

The Rocks of the Swan River

No sunset to speak of, or even see due to the extreme dense cloud cover.

These rocks showed up quite nicely though with a long exposure of 1 minute and 22 seconds, with the lights as a backdrop. I’d like to go back here another night and see what else this spot has to offer. And then maybe then I’ll get the photos of Canning Bridge I’ve always wanted…

The Jetty…

This jetty has caused me much pain over the last few months. I’ve been there numerous times to be disappointed by an array of things… water extremely choppy, dense cloud cover producing no colours, hoards of people, rain…all sorts of things.

This is not a magical shot… but it’s OK.



This shot is something that I captured because there really were no great colours around. I went to catch the sunset, and the light faded way too fast down at the Swan River, but this mossy rock caught my attention, and I tried my best to make the night worthwhile. Can’t wait until the sun starts setting later in the day so work doesn’t hold me up 😉

Lake Monger Sunsets

Took the gear down to Lake Monger the other night again in the hope to catch a nice sunset. Gave the 10-22mm a good work out and used the ND8 to give the water a bit less movement, but it was a pretty still night. The clouds were amazing, I love those spotty cotton wool clouds. The pink one was a 90 second exposure after the sun had set and the blue one was a 24 second exposure before the sun had gone down..




Bridgetown Trip March 2012

By far my favourite photo from my trip to Bridgetown, this HDR image was taken at about 6.05am using a CPL filter, an ND8 filter and a long exposure of about 90 seconds. It’s a beautiful spot we stay at, Lucieville Chalets, and this image was captured at the middle dam on the property on a still, cold morning.

It was the only morning that had some cloud showing up and I forced myself out of bed hoping for a beautiful sky. I wasn’t disappointed, although if I had actually gotten up when my alarm went off at 5.40am and not just stared outside whilst warm in bed wondering if the sky would be any good, I would’ve captured the pink that had disappeared by the time I took the trek to get up there! Next time, I will not be so suspicious (or lazy!) and just get up.