Do you self-sabotage?

Hi, my name is Imogen and I am a self-sabotaging photographer.

Signs you are a self-sabotaging photographer:

–         Over planning destinations to photograph

–         Saving images from google and award winning landscape photographer’s websites and basing your trips around these stunning locations regardless of impracticality

Effects of self-sabotage:

–         Being angry when conditions are not the same when you arrive as said award winning landscape photographer’s photos

–         Leaving a place feeling deflated and disappointed you didn’t get the shots you wanted

–         Perhaps shedding a tear when the extended hours of sunrise photography have worn you out and you STILL haven’t seen colour in the sky and probably never will

–         Frustration explaining to non-photographers why your trip was ruined

This is me.

I have done this possibly for every trip I have been on since 2010 when I joined forces with my Canon DSLR. It is disgraceful…completely unreasonable and absolutely impossible NOT TO DO. I simply must do it.

My main fear is that I have not researched the best positions for sunrise and sunset photography and therefore will be unprepared on arrival at an unfamiliar destination but I take it too far. TOO FAR. I delight in self-sabotage and the need to stunt my creativity in finding unique vantage points and compositions and it is truly disgusting that I continue to do this to myself.

My main reason for this post is that I am planning a photographic journey through Western Australia’s Karijini National Park and this park is so huge with 7 wonderful gorges to explore that I simply HAD to know which ones were best due to time constraints on the visit. This, you think, is a good idea – I should know where to visit first and where the best sunset vantage points are and good sunrise locations and, and, and…. And should I? Or…..should I leave it up to chance, be a true explorer and just follow the light? I believe this is called “winging it” and is a term I have always been 100% uncomfortable with when applied to photography. But I think it’s time I stepped outside my comfort zone and left my OCD fears behind me. Karijini will supply the goods I’m sure of it.

Posts of Karijini to follow upon my return. 

..Wow that was a really long boring post for people who are not me to read. I can only assume that you stopped after the first sentence and deleted your subscription. To those of you who read the whole thing… you deserve medals. 



For something a little different, here is a photo of my sister holding one of my pythons. He’s the biggest one I have at the moment and he is a South West Carpet Python named Tom. Originally, he was very snappy when he was young and we called him Snappy Tom (after the cat food) and the name stuck. Now he’s settled he’s just “Tom”. He is a tad on the temperamental side and enjoys a good intimidating hiss and exhibiting the well known “S-bend” when woken up. He’s only three years old but behaves like an old man.

I think he looks lovely in black and white 🙂


My 10 favourite pictures of 2012… a year in review

2012 is now over. I had a great year photographically… took a trip to New Zealand’s South island in November and also saw some beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Perth, Western Australia, my beautiful home town. I’m so lucky to live in such a naturally beautiful place.

2012’s gear comprised of my Canon 550D, my wideangle Canon 10-22mm, Canon 50 f/1.4, Canon 85 f/1.8 and the Canon macro 100mm f/2.8.

There are big changes ahead photographically in 2013 as January saw the purchase of my new full frame camera, the Canon 6D. I’m sure that 2013 will also see some new lenses join the fray, and perhaps even say goodbye to some old ones too.

With a few more weddings in the mix and lots of happy occasions ahead such as photographing a beautiful Albany wedding in February and my little cousin Maddie getting married in June, it’s going to be a fun year. Hopefully there will be some holidays somewhere in there, too!

These are my favourite shots from 2012:











NEW GEAR!!!!!!!!

I had been on the FedEx site all week watching and waiting (impatiently of course) for my two new lenses to show up in Perth and they’re finally here!!!

I am now the proud owner of a new prime lens, the Canon 85mm 1.8 and the Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro IS USM. VERY EXCITING STUFF. I used the 85mm at Mike and Bernie’s wedding last week with nice results- it was a great feeling to finally do away with my kit lens, and even though it’s not the 1.2, the 1.8 seems to get the job done, and man is that auto-focussing fast! Probably the only drawback to shooting wide open in full sunlight was the portraits tended to look a little over- sharpened and needed softening- i’ll definitely remember that next time while post processing!

So stay posted for some Macro shots… the pets will probably be the targets here, but luckily the choices are infinite! Snakes, fish, dogs… it’s just a matter of choosing which to model first!