My favourite pictures of 2013… a year in review

2013 is well and truly behind us now and 2014 brings with it a whole new list of adventures! 2013 was not a huge photographic year but did see many new fluffy and scaly additions to the family which shortened the opportunities for photographic excursions. If anyone has raised a puppy like a child…they’ll know what I’m talking about. So this year my top photos are less landscape based than I would like but beggars can’t be choosers. The highlight of 2013 (both personal and photographical) was definitely the family trip to Kununurra – what an absolutely stunning place…book a trip immediately.

Hopefully 2014 brings more landscapes into the equation. 2013’s gear was a Canon 6D (love, love, love!) my 100mm 2.8 Macro, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8 and I was finally able to ditch my horrendous 24-105 f/4 for the 17-40mm f/4 which I am enjoying immensely on the full frame.

These are 2013’s best shots: (to visit 2012’s year in review please click here)


















For something a little different, here is a photo of my sister holding one of my pythons. He’s the biggest one I have at the moment and he is a South West Carpet Python named Tom. Originally, he was very snappy when he was young and we called him Snappy Tom (after the cat food) and the name stuck. Now he’s settled he’s just “Tom”. He is a tad on the temperamental side and enjoys a good intimidating hiss and exhibiting the well known “S-bend” when woken up. He’s only three years old but behaves like an old man.

I think he looks lovely in black and white 🙂


Dobermann Puppy

Our latest addition to the family….meet Scarlet. She is a purebred Dobermann puppy that we have eagerly welcomed into our family. She was bred by Bravadobe Dobermanns, who in our opinion, is the best Dobermann breeder in WA.

This little one is full of character- she’s playful, curious and has endless amounts of energy.  Amongst her millions of toys, her favourites consist of a) a string of plastic sausages held together with rope and b) one of my old socks. She enjoys terrorising our greyhound Tess and eating Vegemite.

Going through the motion

A friend of mine decided to put her horse up for sale (an agonizing decision) and so we went out there to capture some shots of this beautiful little guy’s personality. His name is Ollie, and I’m not sure of what type of horse he is as I don’t really know much about horses. I do know that he got very irritated when the carrots ran out and greatly enjoyed teasing us from the other side of the paddock. Thanks a lot Ollie.

Here is his best shot of the day:

Setting Sun in Kalamunda

These hills are amazing. They’re alive with… well, not the sound of music… but definitely colour and life. There are animals everywhere- kangaroos, reptiles, birds… (also ticks, which my dog kindly brought home with us..not cool Tess), but mostly colour. You also can’t beat the smell of the bush. In winter, it’s even more captivating because the locals all have their wood fires lit and that, mixed with the smell of rain soaked eucalyptus is really amazing.

I believe this was the first outing I used my new 50mm f/1.4, and I really love this lens. The colour rendition on it is so much better than my 50mm f/1.8 and that extra bit of aperture is really fun to work with 🙂 (If you don’t have a nifty fifty, buy one immediately)!



So Bullet, our last foster hound, was moved on last week to a different foster carer, and we were given Cheech, another beautiful greyhound.

He is the most gentle dog… a really cuddly dog, but is always super excited to see you when you come home. He does these really funny pirouettes that are always amusing to see in a dog of his size when he gets excited. He loves his food, and loves walkies, and is quite happy to sleep most of the day.

Have a look at other greyhounds that are desperately in need of good homes if you live in Perth, WA: (Cheech should make it on here very soon!)… and if you’re in the market for a pet, please contact GAP because they often have dogs that aren’t advertised that could be PERFECT for your family 😀

I really don’t think Cheech is going to be available for very long… if we weren’t getting a puppy soon, I would totally adopt him (my boyfriend has already tried to convince me once or twice!) He is going to make a beautiful family pet.

Watching your owners work is tiring!!

Tess, our Greyhound, is not a normal dog. She doesn’t like to follow you around the house. She doesn’t care to be outside with you if she has access to her doggie bed in the loungeroom. She’s also a terrible vacuum cleaner when it comes to food being dropped on the floor- the greyhound care factor drops below zero if the items are anything other than fresh meat, cooked meat or some type of fish (tuna is her favourite), and then she has to be awake to even be aware of it being on the floor!

Tess is also not the most fantastic at her post of Guard Dog- and, to be honest, our pet pythons are far scarier to any potential intruders. But for all these strange personality quirks, Tess is the sweetest, funniest dog I have ever met. If I had to sum Tess up, I would have to say that she is 60% total devotion, 20% waiting for us to go to sleep so she can settle onto the couch, 10% cheekiness and 10% inventing new ways of sleeping comfortably on her back in various weird and sometimes terrifying positions.

This photo was taken after a day of household cleaning and trying to get our apartment ready for renting out. Dave was stuffed and Tess…well…she just saw an opportunity to get onto the couch I think (she’s always stuffed). A Greyhound is always sleepy unless presented with one’s lead to go for walkies.


More of Tess..

Sometimes when we’re really organised, we walk the dog early enough in the afternoon to use the available light to allow a fast enough shutter speed to catch our greyhound in action…it doesn’t happen very often, but it’s always fun when it does. Tess is blurry at anything below 1/1600th of a second on my 1.8 85mm and i usually always shoot her at f/2.0 to make sure I get her in focus- this does mean a lot of them aren’t in focus, but usually there’s a few good ones if she’s in the mood to play nice..

Shots from around the farm…

As the title suggests, these are some of the locals from around Lucieville Chalets’ farm stay.

This little guy was here to welcome us when we arrived… we caught him in a container and returned him to the wild.

And I have a new found respect for birders. This little guy was not at ALL interested in being photographed. It was more interested in flitting around the farm if I got within 5 meters of it. Armed with only an 85mm, it was a challenge I’m not sure I’d attempt a second time…

The resident donkeys weren’t the friendliest, but they did become a lot more photogenic once some lettuce was produced…

I always enjoy the pigs… there were 3 big girls this time, all in the one paddock, and they were extremely friendly, hungry, and enjoyed a good snout scratch.

And last but not least, the new Ostrich, Molly ||. An award winning escape artist, Molly || is in a small paddock with an unsociable sheep to keep her company. She wanted to join the Emus next door but wasn’t co-operative enough on the move over there due to her tendency to go walk-about… or run-about in her case. She’s about 6 months old and was hand reared from a chick which makes her fairly friendly, though she’s mostly interested in if your fingers are as tasty as they look…

Tess has that special….something

Our greyhound is always photographed doing ridiculously funny things- stupid expressions, weird body positions…all sorts of funny stuff. Took photos of her the other afternoon after she’d been wet with the hose- she was having a good old shake, and these two photos are a good example of how she begins looking normal…and then looks…not so normal. She’s one of a kind.

Christmas animal fun…

The pets over Christmas… introducing Douglas…and yes, he is inside a Chiminea.

On Christmas day, we took our Greyhound Tess to lunch, and she enjoyed playing with our cousin’s Red Cloud Kelpie x Pace. They were having a great time until someone inside caught sight of the two of them in the fish pond!!! I know it was hot, but c’mon! Apparently the fish looked tasty. The two of them then enjoyed a good fetch in the park, although Tess always has her muzzle on so we never knew she enjoyed chasing and fetching sticks (i use ‘fetching’ as a very loose term as she almost never brought it back!)- but here is a picture of dad giving her some cuddles when she DID return the stick.

And last but not least Pace, who was told he had to give Tess a go at chasing the stick. I believe the picture perfectly captures his indignation and horror at being told this. “You mean I…what? WHY.”