Places to Photograph sunrises in Perth, WA

I’m at day 6 of a photography challenge, “One week of Sunrise Photography” and have been having a lot of fun. I work in the Perth City area and at this time of year with the sun rising at 7am, there’s plenty of time to get up (5.30am starts), get ready, set up and get to work all before 7.30am.

Perth has plenty of options to shoot Sunrises; obviously this week I needed locations that would allow me to make it into the City in reasonable time without encountering traffic so I was staying local. Don’t forget to check out the coastline – even though it faces the wrong way, you can turn and shoot back towards the land – Indiana Tea House in Cottesloe can be a great spot and Freo’s inner city buildings provide cool shots too.

Monday: EAST PERTH. Claisebrook cove can show some great colour with the right amount of cloud. This particular morning had far too much and there was no colour. A long exposure worked though. IMG_8992 IMG_8994 IMG_8998 Tuesday: APPLECROSS JETTY. This is called “applecross jetty” on the map, but people often call it the Como Jetty. From Canning Highway heading towards Fremantle, turn right onto Ardross Street and follow all the way to the end until you hit the jetty. There’s parking opposite. Ahem… i don’t have any actual photos OF the jetty because there were people on it, but you can see the city from this view and it’s very pretty. Love the tree planted at the start of the jetty too. IMG_9010 IMG_9014 While we’re still talking Applecross…don’t forget my favourite little jetty! Probably only about 20m long, it is super sweet and has seen some amazing sunrises. From Canning Hwy heading towards Freo, turn left onto The Esplanade and follow it down – the Jetty is between Helm and Rookwood Streets (closer to Rookwood). jetty hdr sunrise jetty And also, still in Applecross (sorry!).. if you follow the esplanade along (heading away from Canning Hwy), you will hit the new Jetty on the corner right before Deep Water Point Cafe. You can see the city from this spot and it can be quite pretty on the right morning.. IMG_6421 Wednesday: OLD SWAN BREWERY. This particular view point can provide stunning views of the sunrise… on this particular morning there was very little cloud and no colour showed up, but this is the view.. (there’s parking just before the old swan brewery). IMG_9031 Thursday: SOUTH PERTH. One of the better ones for sunrise because it has so many options. you can shoot from beneath the Narrows Bridge, directly at the city or from the Jetty.. IMG_9026 IMG_9016 IMG_9027_1

And from a different morning:


Friday: CRAWLEY.. another favourite spot. Guys, it’s best to head here on a still morning… the floating platform jetties (there are 2) are best on flat water, plus you can get a nice long exposure of the boats moored there without having to worry too much about movement in the picture. IMG_9067 IMG_9070

Other, flatter mornings (you can see how much better it is haha)






Remember, the earlier you shoot the better the city lights will look. Once the sun starts rising the lights disappear and you really depend on that colour in the sky. I like to arrive early and get some light shots and then stick around to see if the sky lights up or not. Plenty of times it doesnt, but at least you have something to work with when you get home.

Another good location that I didn’t shoot a sunrise at this week is the obvious Crawley Boathouse… every photographer has been here once or twice or two thousand times. It’s a bit of an addictive spot really. I think it’s better for sunset but have had some good mornings here too:




Hopefully i’ve given you a couple of new places to try… happy shooting!

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