Down South Western Australia – Esperance

Belonging to a family of more than one hobbyist photographer, it was only so long before a trip was planned that would be “photography only”. Cait [check out her blog here]and I packed our tents and our camera gear and headed down south. Not a lens was spared this trip = everything was packed into the lowepro backpack and contained a good 10kg worth of equipment. Not to mention my beasty tripod which would have to be around 50kg just on its own…that’s how it feels anyway..(you’re worth it, tripod!).

Guys. Esperance is as good as they say. Having not been there before, I did the usual google images search but I always wonder, “Am I only seeing Esperance at its best?” The answer is no.

Lucky Bay

Had a couple of photographic issues here….the water is stunning, but the bay itself is very flat and difficult to get an elevated view to show that amazing water…photos were 60% sky, 2% water and 38% sand. Uh, not good.



Esperance is definitely at its best when the sun is high and the water is lit up from above. Midday was a great time for photos – I know, we were weirded out too.


The highest view of Lucky Bay was a stop off on the road down to the car park where the blue vista was most visible:


We did meet the infamous “Lucky Bay resident Kangaroo” – and her two kids! Cuteness overload.



The bays in Esperance are just amazing…tiny and pristine.





We only stayed in Esperance 2 nights (after an uncomfortably frigid night at Lucky Bay we headed into town and stayed at a caravan park to escape the frigid wind and left for Denmark the following morning.

We couldn’t help but stop past Twilight Beach again on the way out though 😉

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