Things you learn about dating a Landscape Photographer

1. Holidays are planned with ulterior motives… around possible photographic locations and beautiful scenery. If it’s not an especially picturesque place, expect it to be met with limited enthusiasm.

2. Your days start early. You’ve been woken up by an alarm in the still dark hours of the morning more times than you’d care to count.

3. Don’t even think about planning a romantic dinner or in fact any activity if it coincides with sunset. Or the hour before sunset….or the hour after it. Just don’t plan things in the late afternoon/early evening OK?

4. Exploring a new area together could find you suddenly alone as you realise your partner has stopped somewhere without telling you. Not just stopped, either… possibly turned down another path and pursued a completely different direction altogether.

5. Just by being in a relationship with this person, if you are around while the camera is in use, you become a photographer’s assistant (by proxy). You’ll also BE in a lot of photos. Get used to it.

6. Your loved one will probably express their love by saying things like, “You’re blocking the light…” and “Honey, you’re still in the shot… nope, still in it.”

7. If you insist on tagging along, expect to see the same places again and again… landscapes change and every day is different.

8. “Watching a movie together” may consist of you watching the movie while they edit photos on their laptop beside you. Quality time!

9. Most photographers hate their own photos. Don’t get frustrated when you think the finished product is good and they don’t. Just let it happen. Let them hate their own work…it can only make them better!

10. Big stoppers are not your friend. When this bad boy comes out, it’s time to settle in and get comfortable. You’re not going anywhere. If you ask how much longer they’ll be and they say “Just one more shot…” this usually means 4 photos of bracketed exposure spanning about 12 minutes (they plan to blend it into one shot, later!).

ha, ha!


6 thoughts on “Things you learn about dating a Landscape Photographer

  1. Hi Imogen, I work for a design and advertising agency ( and we’d like to use one of your Perth city images for a short run print job for one of our clients. Are you able to give us some professional contact details so that we might talk to you about this possibility and, hopefully, an appropriate fee? Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest. Many thanks in anticipation.

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