The best places in Perth to photograph landscapes…

One of the things I often find myself using google for is pinpointing great places in Perth to shoot sunsets and sunrises. Sometimes you are limited (as small as Perth is!) by geography and just general awareness of those special spots that encompass many of the things that make a great photo. For me, these things are:

1. Colour

2. Lights

3. Water / reflections

4. Symmetry

5. Leading lines

6. Movement

Obviously these things would make many photographers happy but few places exist where you can tick off more than 3. Recently I took my camera gear down to Trigg Beach and was amazed that I had never before made the effort to photograph this place with all its beautiful exposed reef and rocks and it occured to me that there must still be so many great places in Perth that I haven’t been to yet. Now, we’re just talking Perth Metro here – i.e. 45 minutes drive from Perth City… let’s not even get started on the South West!

When I lived north of the river, one of my favourite places to run down to after work was Lake Monger. If you get there early enough you can capture the swans on the water otherwise you can set up in a miriad of locations to catch the sunset. It’s a great body of water that is large enough to give different views and points of interest along the way.




lake monger



Another location that is easy to get to (obviously depending on your location) is Kalamunda. Here you have views of the city from up high – beautiful views of natural Australian bushland either from the lookout at Gooseberry Hill or on the ZigZag – if you do go with the zigzag, beware that it is one way only and just slightly wider than one lane with limited pull over stops. I prefer the lookout on GH personally, having had more luck there in the past. You can also park there and walk through the bushland off to the right to get to other lookouts.



The Setting Sung


Of course, one of the most visited places during Winter/Spring is Araluen Botanical National Park in Roleystone. A little further, but well worth the visit if you’re a tulip fan!





Hillarys in another location I have always liked due to the many different photos you can expect to capture here- you’ve got a lot of restaurants/cafes around which add to the ‘lights’ aspect after dark, plus mooring posts, a jetty structure, rocks, water with sunset views…the list goes on!



hillarys again

The swan river of course is a brilliant landmark to use for sunsets and sunrise photography in Perth – many structures sit on the water not to mention the backdrop of Perth’s city buildings (let’s not call them sky risers because they’re just not). Probably the most over done spot is the Crawley Boathouse (I have STILL not got a good photo from this location and find it very off putting!). It’s a rickety little walkway out to the boathouse which is quite sweet in the right light..otherwise it looks plain ugly. I would google this location to see the masterpieces people have created with this location; I’m just not up to the task.




Like I said, I only took my first visit to Trigg recently but I know that this spot has massive potential. Also, google images told me so.




OK guys. This is my favourite, favouritest -ever- winter spot for sunrises (I’ve never bothered to shoot a sunset here because the sun would set behind me out of view…maybe I’m missing something huge?) It’s the jetty in applecross… It’s nearer the canning bridge side on The Esplanade and is simply beautiful. Take note: a popular fishing jetty, jogger lookout point and mooring station for boats – try not to get too annoyed! I have also lost 2 lens caps here so try and be more organised than me! There are other jetties in applecross that I haven’t tackled yet… would also like to try my hand again at the Canning Bridge/Raffles area.





Another great sunrise location is Matilda Bay. Ahhh, Matilda Bay. Many failed mornings here with no colour to be seen and also a complete lack of cloud. WHY. There’s nothing worse than your alarm forcing you out of bed at 4.30am on a saturday to be available for a sunrise shoot when nothing happens. Anyway, there have also been some truly magical moments from this spot as well.





Whilst we’re in this area, let’s not forget Kings Park please. It’s a ridiculously beautiful lookout over Perth City not to mention beautiful naturescapes in every direction. This is a much better sunrise location, but if there’s plenty of cloud around the sunsets can be rather stunning as well – the photo below was a sunset so you can see how the colour can come across (although again…google image search this location) – this is another place that I really want to crack so I’ll be back here at some stage during 2014 perfecting this shot. Another great lookout of Perth City is from the South Perth Foreshore…. I haven’t captured anything worth showing from that spot but there are many opportunities to be had there, including the narrows bridge and the Old Swan Brewery plus another jetty.




I also haven’t been to this place much either…just the once for photography…but what a night! The sunset was unreal and I have also seen some beautiful sunrise pictures of Cottesloe Beach. Well worth a visit!




Lesmurdie is another good spot (similar surrounds to Kalamunda) for a Sunset view though I haven’t been there often. The place I have been to is Lions Lookout. Lesmurdie falls are also a good spot for photos – going during a week day will limit the amount of people around too.




Fremantle..another iconic spot in Perth although again not one I have ventured to photographically more than a couple of times. 





These are the only places I am happy to recommend so far because I have not explored (and nailed!) other locations. Hopefully throughout 2014 I can add to this list!

Happy shooting!



10 thoughts on “The best places in Perth to photograph landscapes…

    • Thanks very much Kellie! They really aren’t the greatest photos but more an inspiration of places to go to in order to capture great photos. I really wish I had found a post similar to this when I had first started photography.

  1. Thanks for this Imogen. I am heading to Perth on Thursday for few days and hope to get some good landscapes snapped. Cheers. Tom (

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