Emma Gorge

Now.. before you look at these photos of Emma Gorge…please, please remember that my lens was not a wide-angle….on the wider side, the 24-105 tries to capture most angles but if you’ve ever used a wide angle lens, it falls short by comparison. Emma Gorge was a difficult place to photograph too as the jutting cliff faces cannot be captured perfectly with the water in the one photo. I was restricted from taking a pano due to the vast number of people that were clustered around the water’s edge. Luckily though, the photos have only my family in them- the water was so cold that seeing people in the water was rare, which was great from a photography point of view!

The second photo is of Turquoise Pools – the pool just before you reach Emma Gorge. Absolutely stunning in person, the photos really haven’t captured the beauty of these places.



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