Zebedee Springs

A beautiful natural hot springs located inside El Questro Wilderness Park that is most certainly a spot to visit. We were told getting there early is the best idea as it is open to the public from 7am – 12 noon and gets quite busy. We left our campsite as early as we could and got there bang on 7am to see just two other cars in the carpark – awesome!

Cait, Dad and I wandered around looking for photo opportunities but I think Dad was probably the best off armed with the Sigma (I really want to say 10-20mm…but can’t remember what it was!) and Cait was certainly the worst off with her 7D armed only with my 50mm f/1.4. I was forced into yet another situation where the 24-105mm was my only weapon and I missed my Canon 10-22mm more than ever. Think being stuck in Africa facing a hoard of angry lions and the only weapon you can find to defend yourself is a fork. A plastic one. That pretty much sums up my irritation at being able to get a decent photo with this lens – it’s just not wide enough on the 6D. I’m going to have to invest in a 16-35mm, I know!

So enough talking… here are the photos: (the first two are on the road to Zebedee, with Dad’s 4WD kicking up a lot of dust in front of us)..





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