The Fog – Crawley Boathouse

I had in mind a sky alight with colour….but it wasn’t to be! It’s really hard to know what you’re in for when you leave the house in the dark on your way to your chosen photography destination… things like, “Is there cloud?”, “Will there be colour?” and  “Have I chosen the best spot to see the sunrise?” – the last question is usually the biggest risk and the second the biggest disappointment.

I got the last two wrong. There was, however plenty of cloud. Too much cloud – fog, in fact. I wanted to head to the little jetty that overlooks the swan river… I had plenty of lovely mornings there last winter and I’m determined to better my shots from that location. Didn’t really like what it gave, so headed to the South Perth foreshore to see the city – but could barely see my hand in front of my face let alone any lights across the river. Decided to give the elusive Matilda bay boathouse a try. There was another photographer there when I arrived (couldn’t believe it!) but he generously shared the spot and here’s what I came back with:





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