Gooseberry Hill Sunset

The Gooseberry Hill lookout, which is at the start of the famous scenic drive called the Zig Zag is one of my favourite places in Perth to see the sunset. It can look really magic when the sun hits a certain point on the horizon and last night was no exception. Though there wasn’t any spectacular colour, it was a beautiful sunset. There were plenty of birds about, parrots and kookaburras calling out in the dusk and I spotted a couple of rabbits too. Luckily I didn’t have Tess (my greyhound) with me otherwise I would’ve never seen her again! The only nature I didn’t appreciate last night was being ambushed and then set upon by a giant horde of bull-ants. I hate those things. They are nasty, vicious creatures. The last time I was here was Australia Day in 2012- have a look at those photos here.



223318_10151307525337409_328157350_n 426090_10151307525492409_145556678_n


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