The Church of the Good Shepherd

Ahhh….the Church. How many times I subjected people to hear about this site before I went to NZ I’m not sure (I’m so sorry!!). I have seen this iconic Church in so many photography blogs and portfolios of photographers world wide, that I just couldn’t wait to go, and Tekapo was an absolute must stop. I even made sure that we had 3 nights there so that I could make sure I captured it in the right light. Crazy, I know. The lengths we go to….

Anyway, didn’t get any ‘magical’ light on sunsets or sunrises, but I was happy with a couple of them. Also, how cool is the tussock grass?

#1. Sunset shot (see the moon?) #2. Another sunset photo, minimal sky colour. #3 – sunrise photo, little sky colour and quite flat light.

Also- this was another crazy destination like the Tree at Wanaka where one had to fight for a position and not leave one’s post in order to get the photo required!





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