So Bullet, our last foster hound, was moved on last week to a different foster carer, and we were given Cheech, another beautiful greyhound.

He is the most gentle dog… a really cuddly dog, but is always super excited to see you when you come home. He does these really funny pirouettes that are always amusing to see in a dog of his size when he gets excited. He loves his food, and loves walkies, and is quite happy to sleep most of the day.

Have a look at other greyhounds that are desperately in need of good homes if you live in Perth, WA: (Cheech should make it on here very soon!)… and if you’re in the market for a pet, please contact GAP because they often have dogs that aren’t advertised that could be PERFECT for your family 😀

I really don’t think Cheech is going to be available for very long… if we weren’t getting a puppy soon, I would totally adopt him (my boyfriend has already tried to convince me once or twice!) He is going to make a beautiful family pet.


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