Watching your owners work is tiring!!

Tess, our Greyhound, is not a normal dog. She doesn’t like to follow you around the house. She doesn’t care to be outside with you if she has access to her doggie bed in the loungeroom. She’s also a terrible vacuum cleaner when it comes to food being dropped on the floor- the greyhound care factor drops below zero if the items are anything other than fresh meat, cooked meat or some type of fish (tuna is her favourite), and then she has to be awake to even be aware of it being on the floor!

Tess is also not the most fantastic at her post of Guard Dog- and, to be honest, our pet pythons are far scarier to any potential intruders. But for all these strange personality quirks, Tess is the sweetest, funniest dog I have ever met. If I had to sum Tess up, I would have to say that she is 60% total devotion, 20% waiting for us to go to sleep so she can settle onto the couch, 10% cheekiness and 10% inventing new ways of sleeping comfortably on her back in various weird and sometimes terrifying positions.

This photo was taken after a day of household cleaning and trying to get our apartment ready for renting out. Dave was stuffed and Tess…well…she just saw an opportunity to get onto the couch I think (she’s always stuffed). A Greyhound is always sleepy unless presented with one’s lead to go for walkies.



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