Bridgetown Trip March 2012

By far my favourite photo from my trip to Bridgetown, this HDR image was taken at about 6.05am using a CPL filter, an ND8 filter and a long exposure of about 90 seconds. It’s a beautiful spot we stay at, Lucieville Chalets, and this image was captured at the middle dam on the property on a still, cold morning.

It was the only morning that had some cloud showing up and I forced myself out of bed hoping for a beautiful sky. I wasn’t disappointed, although if I had actually gotten up when my alarm went off at 5.40am and not just stared outside whilst warm in bed wondering if the sky would be any good, I would’ve captured the pink that had disappeared by the time I took the trek to get up there! Next time, I will not be so suspicious (or lazy!) and just get up.


2 thoughts on “Bridgetown Trip March 2012

  1. Thanks Sarah! I do enjoy shooting in HDR occasionally, scene permitting 🙂 this one is actually one 2 images blended together- one very over exposed, one very under exposed. I was really happy with how it turned out.

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