Shots from around the farm…

As the title suggests, these are some of the locals from around Lucieville Chalets’ farm stay.

This little guy was here to welcome us when we arrived… we caught him in a container and returned him to the wild.

And I have a new found respect for birders. This little guy was not at ALL interested in being photographed. It was more interested in flitting around the farm if I got within 5 meters of it. Armed with only an 85mm, it was a challenge I’m not sure I’d attempt a second time…

The resident donkeys weren’t the friendliest, but they did become a lot more photogenic once some lettuce was produced…

I always enjoy the pigs… there were 3 big girls this time, all in the one paddock, and they were extremely friendly, hungry, and enjoyed a good snout scratch.

And last but not least, the new Ostrich, Molly ||. An award winning escape artist, Molly || is in a small paddock with an unsociable sheep to keep her company. She wanted to join the Emus next door but wasn’t co-operative enough on the move over there due to her tendency to go walk-about… or run-about in her case. She’s about 6 months old and was hand reared from a chick which makes her fairly friendly, though she’s mostly interested in if your fingers are as tasty as they look…


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