Australia Day 26th Jan 2012

It was Australia Day yesterday, January 26th here in Perth (and all of the rest of Australia too obviously!) and I was craving a bit of a different view of the sky show than the usual spot.

A storm blew in around 2pm and I thought, if we were lucky, we might catch a great view from the hills up Kalamunda way. We were lucky for about 15 minutes. The sunset was gorgeous, rich yellows and beautiful light all round- and then the sun disappeared. The rain was merciless for the entire sky show and the storm clouds completely obliterated the city (and hence, the fireworks) – but it turned out to be a great storm and I captured my first ever lightning shots which was really cool. Haven’t had a chance to play with them yet, but I’m looking forward to it- hoping that taking them from inside the car won’t hinder them too much..

Most of the pics I took were HDR just to capture that beautiful light as it played up the slope. We took Tess along and discovered that her line-bred instincts of roo hunting have not disappeared…she spotted some roos in the gully and couldn’t tear her eyes away from them- refused to be put back inside the car too! Luckily we had her on the lead or else I don’t think we’d have seen her again!


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