Christmas animal fun…

The pets over Christmas… introducing Douglas…and yes, he is inside a Chiminea.

On Christmas day, we took our Greyhound Tess to lunch, and she enjoyed playing with our cousin’s Red Cloud Kelpie x Pace. They were having a great time until someone inside caught sight of the two of them in the fish pond!!! I know it was hot, but c’mon! Apparently the fish looked tasty. The two of them then enjoyed a good fetch in the park, although Tess always has her muzzle on so we never knew she enjoyed chasing and fetching sticks (i use ‘fetching’ as a very loose term as she almost never brought it back!)- but here is a picture of dad giving her some cuddles when she DID return the stick.

And last but not least Pace, who was told he had to give Tess a go at chasing the stick. I believe the picture perfectly captures his indignation and horror at being told this. “You mean I…what? WHY.”


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